Liu Tuanjie

Senior Partner

Education Background

He graduated from the Law School of Fudan University with a master's degree in law; he has worked for Daewoo Securities (Shanghai), CCTV and

Work Experience
  • Practicing in a well-known Internet enterprise for ten years, serving as the head of IR office, senior assistant to the president and legal director.
  • He has long-term front-line operation and management experience in Internet investment (including VIE) and Internet enterprise compliance management, and is familiar with Internet enterprise equity financing, software development and licensing (including software import and export), Internet operation administrative license, and Internet-related intellectual property law business.
  • He is now the legal advisor of many Internet enterprises.
  • He is a member of the firm's commercial law and corporate law team, which consists of a number of senior partners of Zhong Hua and members of the Corporate and Commercial Committee of the Shanghai Law Society, and has represented major difficult commercial law cases at home and abroad.
Areas of expertise

Internet investment, software-related intellectual property, corporate law