Practice Areas

Providing a full range of legal services to Chinese and foreign clients

Company BusinessField Overview

Corporate practice is the traditional strength of Zhong Hua.

We have provided legal services to many multinational companies and Chinese companies, and have trained a group of professional lawyers with rich theoretical and practical experience in the field of corporate dispute resolution, and have represented many major and complex corporate dispute cases. Zhong Hua has accumulated rich business experience in serving various types of companies and has assisted many multinational companies in handling their investment matters in China, both in the establishment of the companies and their business development in China. Thanks to our deep understanding of dispute resolution, legal issues and close working relationship with relevant government departments on regulatory issues, we are able to provide professional and high quality due diligence, approval procedures, investment arrangements, negotiations and drafting of legal documents, as well as precise legal services for legal, administrative and regulatory issues arising in the daily operation of the company. It is our sincere wish to grow together with our clients and to support the growth and development of the companies.

We can provide you with the following services
  • Acting as permanent legal counsel, advising clients on legal and compliance issues in their daily operations, drafting, reviewing and revising daily business contracts
  • Corporate governance, assisting clients to improve internal rules and regulations, assisting clients to handle disputes and controversies before litigation and arbitration, and issuing letters of counsel and reminders to third parties on behalf of clients
  • Participate in project planning, design, business negotiation and provide procedural assistance and services in relation to the client's major business activities
  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions
  • Overseas investment and foreign enterprise investment
  • Analyzing and answering various legal issues on intellectual property, labor, taxation and environmental protection encountered in the operation of foreign-invested enterprises, and assisting clients in general labor and personnel disputes
  • Provide legal commentary and legal training on hot legal issues of concern to clients
  • Corporate restructuring, establishment and change, and bankruptcy and liquidation