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A law firm with a profound legal heritage

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A comprehensive law firm, we are committed to providing a full range of legal services to Chinese and foreign clients

The Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm was established in 1994 and is a partnership law firm engaged in professional legal services. The firm currently has a team of nearly 150 lawyers, a number of internship lawyers and many administrative assistants. The office area is nearly 3,000 square meters, and it continues to maintain a trend of rapid development. The Zhonghua Institute converges the talents of all talents. The spirit of cooperation in professional services and team services provides all -round and high -quality and efficient legal services for domestic and foreign customers, and is committed to forging for a century -old comprehensive office.

Rich legal professional knowledge and practical experience and extensive foreign cooperation and social resources have formed a highly competitive advantage of lawyers. Zhonghua has already been in the company's business, labor, finance, financial, capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, project investment and financing and development, construction and real estate, maritime and seafood, insurance, foreign investment, antitrust, intellectual property rights, digital economy legal business, compliance, compliance The fields of review and dispute resolution have achieved the attention of peers, and some legal project services are among the top China. We can provide various one -stop legal solutions for domestic and foreign customers.

Business professional division of labor, team composite cooperation, and brand -oriented operation of legal service are the core concepts advocated by Zhonghua. In order to meet the goal of providing customers with high professional legal services, Zhonghua has set up several professional teams, which are responsible for partners who have expertise in various professional fields. When encountering a cross -professional business, all relevant team lawyers cooperate to ensure that provide customers with legal services in professional fields and cross -fields.

"Trusting" is the core culture of Zhonghua.
We pay attention to the combination of unity, and assisted each other's prosperity and intimate trust;
We pay attention to business deeply, and customers rest assured to give the case to Zhonghua;
We pay attention to talent training, young lawyers can grow quickly into partner lawyers;
We pay attention to social practice and are student internship bases in major outstanding legal institutions in China;
We pay attention to legal propaganda, regularly prepare various legal briefings and special issues, and introduce Chinese legislation, judicial, policy latest developments, and academic research of Zhonghua to customers with demand.

Zhonghua is enthusiastic about participating in public welfare, and often donates for poverty and affected areas, providing unpaid legal aid for people in need. It can take root in the masses, provide daily consultation services for community residents, but also build a high house, participate in the legislative research of the country and relevant ministries and commissions, and fully show the sense of social responsibility.


Many awards, the industry and the community affirmation.

  • Hongkou District model unit 2020.12
  • May 4th Red Flag Youth League Branch 2020.8
  • 2019-2020 Civilized unit
  • 2018-2019 Advanced Collective
  • Worker's Pioneer 2019.4
  • Top Ten Party building brands in emerging fields of Hongkou District December 2018.12
  • National Lawyer industry Advanced Party Organization 2018.7
  • 2017-2018 Municipal Civilized unit
  • 2017 Key Enterprise Contribution Award 2018.1
  • Hongkou District Party Branch Construction demonstration site 2017.11
  • Hongkou District Patriotic Support model Unit 2016.8
  • 2015-2016 Municipal civilized unit
  • Advanced Collective 2016.1
  • Hongkou District Advanced Collective 2015.12
  • Five-star social organization Party organization 2014.6
  • 2013-2014 Municipal Civilized Unit

Over the past 27 years, we have continued to grow, break through innovation, and go all out to serve customer needs


1994 Jingcheng Law Firm was established, which is one of the earlier law firms in China with a deep legal background.


1998 Haizhong Law Firm was established as a rapidly developing and outstanding professional law firm.


More professional, more efficient and better quality as the driving force of the firm's development. Customer satisfaction is our biggest goal; the firm's services are always carried out with customer satisfaction as the center.


In 2011, Jingcheng & Haizhong merged into Jingcheng & Haizhong, becoming a comprehensive law firm with various professional teams.


In 2014, Jingcheng & Haizhong merged with Zhong Hua again, and the size of the combined firm has ranked among the top law firms in Shanghai.