Jiang Yang

Partner Lawyer

Mailbox: jiangyang@winzonelaw.com
Location: Shanghai
Education Background

Master of Law School of Fudan University

Work Experience
  • Lawyer Jiang joined Zhonghua Law Firm in 2017. Before joining Zhonghua, Lawyer Jiang mainly provided corresponding legal services for banks, cross -border investment, and infrastructure construction. It has hosted a number of corresponding projects and has rich legal and project experience.
Areas of expertise

Lawyer Jiang Yang has a wide range of practice industries and has rich legal and practical experience in the fields of banking, infrastructure, education, manufacturing, energy. Lawyer Jiang provides legal support for many Chinese companies' "going out" investment projects.
Lawyer Jiang specializes in dealing with various complex litigation cases, mainly involving contracts, investment, corporate governance structures, construction and real estate, banks, anti -improper competition, business secrets, and complex disputes in other fields. Litigation dispute resolution mechanisms have rich practical experience in legal disputes.
Lawyer Jiang also actively provides services to a number of state -owned holding listed companies, seriously providing customers with a set of efficient and pragmatic legal solutions, discovering and identifying business risks for customers, helping customers for fierce competition, promoting the stable and orderly transformation of enterprises, providing providing enterprise stable and orderly transformation, providing providing enterprise stable and orderly transformation. Accurate and practical legal services.

Classic Cases
  • Successfully selected into the Bank of Shanghai Lawyers Service Group;
  • Help a copper industry listed company for external company's equity acquisition;
  • Successfully acting as a series of anti -unfair competition lawsuits in a manufacturing company in Shanghai;
  • Successfully acting for a dispute over the credit bank acceptance agreement of a Hong Kong -owned bank;
  • Provide a full legal service for a certain enterprise in the construction of an overseas investment industrial park.
Social positions and honors
  • Lawyer Jiang Yang has the qualifications of Chinese lawyers