Zhang Fangyuan


Email: fairryzhang1217@126.com
Location: Shanghai
Tel: 136 5162 9811
Education Background

Bachelor of Law of Nanjing University

Work Experience
  • 2020.8 -2021.7 Lawyer of Shandong Kim Tel firm
  • 2021.8 -2022.2 Lawyer of Shanghai Junyingda Law Firm
  • 2022.3 -Lawyers of Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm so far
Areas of expertise

Zhang Fangyuan's lawyer is good at the resolution of disputes in the field of commercial, construction engineering, and intellectual property.
The company's business field has provided a number of enterprises with perennial legal consultants, participating in various negotiations in the operation activities of the consultant unit, drafting, reviewing, modifying contracts, issuing lawyers' letters and legal opinions, litigation and arbitration and other professional legal services.
In the field of construction and real estate, we have rich practical experience in real estate development and construction engineering, providing legal services for a number of real estate development companies, covering real estate project development, engineering bidding, design and construction, commercial housing and commercial housing sales and the sales of commercial housing and commercial housing and commercial housing and commercial housing. Leasing, etc. The second trial and retrial of many cases have been participated in the second trial and retrial, and some cases have been successfully turned over.
The field of intellectual property rights provides long -term professional legal services for Baidu and Pinduoduo, including but not limited to dealing with disputes such as patent rights, trademark rights, copyrights, and improper competition.

Working Language

Chinese English