Zhang Yanhua

Founding Partner

E-mail: rick1030@126.com
Location: Shanghai
Tel: 18019788589
Fax: 86-21-62103539
Education Background

1994-1998 East China University of Political Science and Law, Bachelor of Laws, majoring in Economic Law
2003-2005 East China University of Political Science and Law, majoring in Law, Master of Law on the job
2019 National Development and Reform Commission International Capacity Cooperation Center Leading Talents Training Course

Work Experience
  • 1998 - 2000 Shanghai Railway Public Security Department
  • 2000 - 2009 Shanghai Jinqiao Law Firm
  • 2009--March 2014 Guangdong Xinda Law Firm Shanghai Branch
  • March 2014-present Shanghai Zhong Hua Law Firm
Areas of expertise

Since his graduation in 1998, Mr. Zhang Yanhua has handled more than 500 cases of economic, real estate, civil, criminal and non-litigation cases, especially in real estate, corporate, contract, finance, investment and merger and acquisition cases.

In 2001, he started to write articles on real estate as a columnist on the website "Window of Real Estate", and published dozens of articles on real estate as a columnist in the Labor Daily, and from 2002 to 2005, he was invited by TV and radio stations to explain the cases, and many of his cases were reported by TV stations. Yanhua Zhang has a delicate style of handling litigation cases, and is good at broadening ideas and finding good ways to solve problems on the basis of seeking legal basis. He has not only achieved good litigation results in various civil lawsuits, contract lawsuits and company equity lawsuits, but also fought for the maximum legal rights and interests of the defendants in criminal lawsuits (commutation of fixed-term sentences to suspended sentences, etc.).

In 2009, Mr. Zhang Yanhua transferred from Shanghai Jinqiao Law Firm to the Shanghai branch of Guangdong Xinda Law Firm and started to handle non-litigation cases. During his time at Cinda Law Firm, he has been exposed to and undertaken a large number of cases including M&A, New Third Board listing, SME private placement bonds, PE directed issuance, etc. He has also established good relationships with banks, brokerage firms, trusts and other financial institutions, real estate enterprises and various production enterprises, and is familiar with the process of various types of non-litigation cases. We can effectively solve problems within the scope of the law, and effectively avoid and protect the contractual rights of the parties in non-litigation cases during contract negotiation and clause making.

Classic Cases
  • Since practicing law, Mr. Zhang Yanhua has provided legal services to hundreds of companies and over a thousand individuals, and has maintained good relationships with the above-mentioned companies for a long time.
  • For example
  • 1、Industrial Bank Shanghai Branch
  • 2、Shanghai Construction Materials Group Cement Co.
  • 3、Shanghai Branch of China Huaxi Enterprise Co.
  • 4、Shanghai Zhabei Pengpu Economic City
  • 5、China Chengtong Asset Shanghai Hao Le Investment Management Co.
  • 6、Eco Services Management Co.
  • 7、Xingye International Trust Co.
  • 8、China Eastern Asset Management Corporation Shanghai Office
  • 9、Shanghai Kunlun Culture Communication Co.
  • 10、Pinghai Development Co.
  • 11、Shanghai Senyang Securities Investment Consulting Co.
  • 12、Sichuan Province Construction Mechanization Engineering Company
  • 13、Rongfu Enterprise Co.
  • 14、Shanghai Lishun Ship Equipment Co.
  • 15、China Tower Corporation Shanghai Branch
  • 16、Shanghai Jin Yi Investment Co.
  • 17、Shanghai Early Bird Culture Investment Limited Partnership
  • 18、Shanghai Dingjian Investment Co.
Social positions and honors
  • In 2002, he was awarded the "Top Ten Guest Lawyers" by "Oriental Barrister" of Oriental Radio, which was presented by Comrade Liu Yungong, the then Secretary of Shanghai Municipal Committee of Political and Legal Affairs.
  • In 2003, he was awarded the "Top Ten Guest Lawyers" by "Oriental Barrister" of Oriental Radio, which was presented by Mr. Wu Zhiming, the then Secretary of Municipal Committee of Political and Legal Affairs.
  • In 2004, the Outstanding Volunteer of Pudong New Area 2002-2004 (sponsored by the Municipal Committee of Youth League)
  • In 2007, he was nominated for the second "Top Ten Outstanding Young Lawyers" in Pudong New Area.