Zhang Weixi


Email: zhangwx@winzonelaw.com
Location: Shanghai
Tel: 15801992103
Education Background

Bachelor of Law of Shanghai University

Work Experience
  • Lawyer of Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm from 2021 to 2022
Areas of expertise

Attorney Zhang is good at the resolution of corporate business, contracts, marriage and family affairs and civil disputes.

In the company's business field, Mr. Zhang provided a number of enterprises with perennial legal consultants and special legal services, drafting and reviewing legal documents, and in terms of the design of the top -level equity structure, the optimization of the company's internal governance structure, the prevention and control of the internal and external legal risk, and the improvement of management systems. In -depth research and accumulation have rich experience. Provide customer enterprises with investment and financing, equity structure construction, optimization of governance structure, design of employee equity incentive schemes, contract draft and review, management system modification and improvement, lawyer's letter and legal opinion, corporate legal risk management training, lawsuits and arbitration and other majors legal service.

Civil dispute resolution, Lawyer Zhang is good at handling disputes related to contract (including vehicle lease contracts, financial loan contracts, decoration contracts, civil loan contracts, cargo trading contracts, house trading contracts, etc.), construction disputes in construction, and marriage and family affairs. And arbitration.

Working Language

Chinese English