Fang Hangjuan


Location: Shanghai
Tel: 13162900085
Education Background

Bachelor of Law and Finance of Ningbo University
Master of Laws of Fudan University

Work Experience
  • Audit Manager of Shanghai Equity Custody Trading Center from 2015 to 2017 (Finance+Law)
  • 2017 to 2018 Debang Securities Co., Ltd. Compliance Risk Control Manager-Investment Bank direction (law+finance)
  • Since June 2018, Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm has a full -time lawyer
Areas of expertise

Lawyer Fang is good at the financial field, securities field, corporate business, labor compliance and dispute resolution.

In the field of finance and securities, lawyers are mainly engaged in non -appealing business -related work such as IPO kernel, bond issuance, New Third Board listing, investment and acquisitions. Lawyer Fang has undergraduate finance and has a registered accountant certificate. He has worked at a securities company and has a particular understanding of the business of financial companies such as securities companies. It is especially good at handling the risks of financial cases and financial companies.

In the company's business field, lawyer Fang is mainly engaged in the handling of commercial dispute disputes. It has skilled litigation skills, providing several companies with perennial legal consultants and special legal services, drafting and reviewing relevant legal documents. In -depth research and accumulation of rich experience in preventing and controlling and improving management systems.

Civil disputes are resolved. Lawyer Fang is good at handling the inheritance of marriage and family affairs, housing collection, and disputes related to contracts (including financial loan contracts, civil loan contracts, cargo trading contracts, house trading contracts, etc.).

In terms of labor compliance, Lawyer Fang has repeatedly participated in the disposal and cleanup of large -scale corporate labor relations in Shanghai, reducing the legal risks of both labor and management, and gaining good social response. Lawyer Fang also participated in the disposal of more cases in the resolution of labor and personnel disputes, and has rich experience in the handling of labor and personnel disputes.

Classic Cases
  • Kaile Environmental Technology (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd. GEM Listed IPO Project Lawyer
  • Foreign -funded enterprises: XX Group Corporation Series Labor Relations Cleansing and Cleaning Project
  • XXX Jelly Guangfa Bank Co., Ltd. XX branch contract dispute 1 case
  • XX Petroleum Sales Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang XX Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and XX loan contract disputes;
  • XXX and Shanghai XXX International Trade Co., Ltd.
Social positions and honors
  • CPA CPA, Accounting Qualification Certificate
  • Holding securities qualification certificate
  • Holding futures qualification certificate
Working Language

Chinese English