Yang Guangxia

Partner Lawyer

Email: yanggx@winzonelaw.com
Location: Shanghai
Tel: 13671530685
Education Background

Master of Laws of Hainan University

Work Experience
  • August 2016 -January 2022 Lawyer of Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm
  • Lawyer of Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm from January 2022 to the present
Areas of expertise

Good at company commercial, labor disputes, intellectual property rights, bankruptcy reorganization and dispute resolution.

In the field of business in the company, Lawyer Yang provided the consultant unit with perennial legal consultants and special legal services, drafted and reviewed hundreds of legal documents, and in the top -level equity structure design, the company's internal governance structure optimization, internal and external legal risk prevention and control, and the improvement of management systems There are in -depth research and accumulation and rich experience. Provide customer enterprises with professional legal services such as investment and financing, the construction of equity structure, the optimization of the governance structure, the design of the employee's equity incentive scheme, the drafting and review of the contract, the modification and improvement of the management system, the lawyer's letter and legal opinion, the lawsuit and arbitration.

In the field of labor disputes, Lawyer Yang handles more than 100 collective labor arbitration as an agent of a medical enterprise, and is employed as a mediation person in Hongkou Trade Union to conduct mediation before the labor arbitration case. He has rich labor arbitration and mediation experience.

In the field of intellectual property rights, Lawyer Yang has extensive lawsuits and non -voter experience in the field of trademark rights, copyright, and provides legal services such as registered trademark registration, review, objection, and infringement lawsuits for domestic and foreign customers.

Disputes, Lawyer Yang is good at handling disputes related to the company (including equity transfer, damage to the interest liability of the company's creditors, disputes over gambling, other disputes related to the company), contract disputes, real estate fields, lawsuits and arbitration in the telecommunications service field Essence

Classic Cases
  • Shanghai medical company bankruptcy reorganization project
  • Lianyungang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. bankruptcy reorganization project
  • A certain Italian clothing brand trademark infringement project
Social positions and honors
  • Member of Shanghai Lawyers Association
  • Shanghai Hongkou District Labor and Personnel Dispute Joint Mediation Center Trade Union Sub -Center Mediation Officer
Working Language

Chinese English