Shen Yang

Management Committee,Founding Partner

Location: Shanghai
Tel: 13916910455
Fax: 021-62103539
Education Background

1998 LL.B. in International Economic Law, Fudan University
2001 LLM in International Economic Law, Fudan University

Work Experience
  • 2001-2004 Lawyer, Shanghai Justice Huaxia Law Firm
  • 2004-2014 Partner, Guangdong Xinda Law Firm, Shanghai Branch
  • 2015-Present Senior Partner, Shanghai Zhong Hua Law Firm, Head of Management Committee
Areas of expertise

Mr. Shen specializes in investment and financing projects, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, liquidation and restructuring, corporate counseling, compliance management, real estate and construction, international trade, franchising, education and training, culture and media, and commercial dispute resolution.

Mr. Shen is experienced in investment and financing projects, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and liquidation and restructuring, and has undertaken many investment and transfer projects in the Mainland for European, American, Korean, Hong Kong and Taiwan companies. Providing legal services for liquidation and reorganization for many enterprises.

In the field of corporate legal counsel, Mr. Shen has provided permanent legal counsel and various special legal services for many large state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises and private enterprises, such as China Eastern Airlines Group, Huaneng Group, Ansheng Group, Zhida Group, Changyang Group, PwC Korea, German-American Chemical, Yanjing Brewery, Crocs, DMG Germany, ITW USA, etc., mainly through contract review and other forms of legal advice, drafting, reviewing, revising and perfecting various legal documents and legal services. We also provide legal training, issue legal letters and legal opinions, collect receivables, and represent companies in litigation and arbitration.

In the field of real estate and construction engineering, Mr. Shen has rich practical experience in real estate development and sales, construction engineering, property management, etc. He has provided legal services for many real estate and construction industry enterprises, such as Ansheng Real Estate, Jicheng Construction, Zhexiao Construction, etc., covering a full range of legal services from development and construction to sales, leasing and subsequent property management of real estate projects.

In the field of culture media and education training, Mr. Shen has provided legal services such as permanent counsel and litigation agent for Jinhui Art Communication, Changyang Culture, Imagine Music, Herring Baby, Little Friends Education, GaoTeng Training School and other culture art and education training enterprises, and has rich experience in legal practice in cultural and entertainment projects and education training industries, and is good at handling franchise disputes and intellectual property protection cases.

In the field of dispute resolution, Mr. Shen specializes in handling disputes related to corporate commercial matters (including international trade, equity transfer, return of corporate licenses, franchising, betting disputes, etc.), litigation and arbitration in the field of construction real estate and labor disputes.

Classic Cases
  • POSCO Group's Domestic Subsidiary Sale Project
  • LS/JS Cable Domestic Joint Venture Project and Sale of Subsidiaries
  • Arbitration case of Korea Gyeongsan Development Domestic Sino-foreign Cooperative Enterprise Transfer Project
  • Compulsory liquidation of various subsidiaries of Dongfang Group
  • Litigation case of international trade dispute of China Eastern Airlines
  • Litigation case of OYO hotel cooperation dispute
  • Litigation case of herring baby franchise dispute
  • Litigation over the return of German Fugelsen's license
  • Litigation case of betting dispute of Fuhui Fund
Social positions and honors
  • Member of Shanghai Bar Association
  • Member of Shanghai Hongkou District Foreign Lawyers Professional Committee
  • Mediator employed by China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises Mediation Center
Working Language

Chinese, English