Wang Miaomiao

Partner Lawyer

Location: Shanghai
Tel: 18221720169
Fax: 021-62103539
Education Background

Master of Law of Fudan University

Work Experience
  • Lawyer of Shanghai Qiu Shi Law Firm from 2011 to 2015
  • 2015-So far partner lawyer of Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm
Areas of expertise

Lawyers are good at companies and commercial, intellectual property, real estate and construction engineering, marriage and family affairs, and administrative lawsuits.

The company and business field: Lawyer Wang provided a number of enterprises with perennial legal consultants and special legal services, drafted and reviewed several legal documents, and in the top -level equity structure design, the company's internal governance structure optimization, internal and external legal risk prevention and control, corporate management The system construction and the improvement of the labor employment system have solid theoretical skills and rich practical experience. It can provide enterprises with investment and financing, equity structure construction, optimization of governance structure, design of employee equity incentive schemes, contract drafting and review, management system modification and improvement, lawyers' letters and legal opinions, corporate legal risk management training, lawsuits and arbitration and other majors legal service.

Intellectual property fields: Lawyer Wang has rich practical experience in the field of intellectual property business. It has good achievements in patent law, copyright law, and trademark law. Design), trademarks, technical secrets, software protection and other professional agents and legal services, at the same time provide all -round services such as consulting, navigation, licenses, valuations, etc. of intellectual property operations. There are typical cases that involve patent risk assessment, patent due diligence, patent infringement litigation, computer software copyright disputes, general copyright infringement disputes, trademark infringement litigation, etc. Lawyer Wang is good at the resolution of corporate foreign -related intellectual property disputes, and escorted the intellectual property rights of the enterprise.

Real estate and construction engineering field: Lawyer Wang has rich practical experience in real estate development and construction engineering. Electric and other legal services have provided legal services, covering engineering project development, engineering project management, engineering bidding, design and construction, sales and leasing of commercial housing and commercial housing, property management and services, legal practice training, etc., in the field of international construction engineering engineering There are quite studies, which can provide full -cycle legal services for the "Belt and Road" construction.

The field of marriage and family: Lawyer Wang successfully dealt with a large number of marriage and family disputes. Through non -lawsuits or lawsuits, we strive to the maximum benefits for customers, solve the worries of customers, and effectively realize the unity of legal effects and social effects.

The field of administrative litigation: Lawyer Wang is good at handling disputes related to administrative organs, successfully resolving disputes between enterprises and administrative departments, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the enterprise, and promoting the government's administration in accordance with the law.

Classic Cases
  • Special legal services for a construction project of China Construction Group
  • A patent risk assessment project of CSSC Group
  • A certain overseas mergers and acquisition loan project of Bank of Communications
  • A special legal service of Morgan Materials Company
  • A special legal service of Merrier
  • Shanghai Electric Costing in Qinghai Real Estate Company Contract Disputes
  • A number of owners sue Poly Real Estate Group's collective lawsuit
  • An administrative lawsuit of a company in the West Lake District Municipal Supervision Bureau of Hangzhou City
  • The administrative lawsuit of the People's Government of Rushan City
Social positions and honors
  • "Big Data Professional English"
  • "Research on the Protection of Internet Copyright Administrative Law"
  • Member of Shanghai Lawyers Association
Working Language

Chinese, English