Jiang Xiaowei

lawyer,Professor of Law,Doctoral supervisor

Email: jxw8006@163.com
Location: Shanghai
Tel: 13801848006
Work Experience
  • In the middle of the 1980s, he graduated from the Department of Law of Fudan University and obtained a master's degree in law. In the future, he taught at the Law School of Tongji University. He taught courses such as legal theory, the history of Chinese and foreign legal systems, and the rule of law of urban governance. Scientific research results are quite abundant. Since the 1990s, he has been a part -time lawyer, and concurrently served as the vice president of Shanghai Law Law History Society, vice chairman of the Shanghai Law Sociology Research Association, vice chairman of the Shanghai Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Law Society, and a director of the National Legal Society. He also serves as Shanghai Traffic. Professor and researcher of many universities and research institutions such as universities, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. Former party secretary of the College of Culture and Law of Tongji University, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tongji University Hudong Campus.
Areas of expertise

Company legal consultant, civil, criminal cases, etc.
Lawyer Jiang has served as companies such as Oriental Overseas Container Shipping (China) Co., Ltd., Bank of Shanghai, Tongji University Press, and Shanghai Haimong Auction Company. By participating in the company's major affairs decision -making and external expansion negotiations, reviewing foreign -related, internal contracts, and its rules and regulations, and resolving disputes through litigation and non -litigation, providing company companies with comprehensive and full -procedure legal services, which are well received by the company's enterprises. Lawyer Jiang often said that "no lawsuit" is the highest state of the company's perennial legal consultants.
Lawyer Jiang also engaged in the trial of civil and criminal cases, including the retrial business of unjust or false cases. Regarding civil cases, whether through litigation or non -litigation solutions, negotiation and mediation are the principles that Lawyer Jiang always adhered to. For criminal cases, adhering to the right of punishment, and taking into account the work goal of lawyer Jiang. The principle of "based on facts and laws as the criteria", which was re -tried to retrial in the wrong case of the enemy, let the fair and just sunshine reflected in every case.
Whether it is a corporate corporate legal adviser, or solving specific civil cases, criminal cases, the legal team requires the accumulation of knowledge accumulation and unremitting efforts of the legal team. Lawyer Jiang relying on and with the help of colleagues from Tongji University Law School, and colleagues from the relevant research associations of the Shanghai Law Society, combined law theory and legal practice. In the work of lawyers, not only adhering to the concept of fairness and justice, but also starting from the actual situation. With the most time -saving and labor -saving methods, it provides the parties with full -time legal services that can be completely trusted.

Classic Cases
  • "Medical Self -study Exam Series Series" Rights protection case
  • Company "land exchange" investment dispute case
  • Research on equity investment disputes
  • "Divorce" case of foreign marriage
  • Songjiang Land Use Rights Protection Case