Xie Jing

Partner Lawyer

Email: xiejing@winzonelaw.com
Location: Shanghai
Tel: 13601676351
Fax: 021-62103539
Education Background

East China University of Political Science and Law, Bachelor of Law

Work Experience
  • Lawyer of Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm from 2014 to 2018
  • 2019-So far partner lawyer of Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm
Areas of expertise

Lawyer Xie was taught by East China University of Political Science and Law. He is a lawyer of Chinese practice and has nearly ten years of legal service experience. Lawyer Xie focuses on the fields of banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, cross -border investment and other fields. She is good at providing professional legal opinions for customers, helping customers solve the problem in the most economical and effective way, and is well received by customers.

The field of financial markets and investment and financing: With rich local experience and the laws and regulations, trading rules, trading practices, etc. in the financial field, it has provided a number of commercial banks through the trust, securities asset management plan, financial lease and other channels to provide corporate claims to the enterprise. Special legal services provided equity financing business with financing business and listed companies withdrawn and mergers and acquisitions.

Division of dispute solution: With a deep understanding of the operation of complex financial products and financial market operations, Lawyer Xie has rich experience in the disposal of non -performing assets, and has repeatedly participated in large, complex, and high -risk litigation for financial institutions. Among them, strategic and tactical thinking can effectively shorten the repayment cycle and increase the proportion of repayments. If necessary, it can also provide special legal services such as debt restructuring and asset reorganization to integrate finance and laws and obtain unanimous recognition from customers.

Real estate field: In terms of litigation, it can accurately and quickly grasp the key points of litigation of real estate -related cases. Since 2020, the team has led hundreds of litigation to companies and project companies such as Greenland, Jianye, R & F and other companies and their project companies, and the average repayment cycle is effectively controlled within 6 months. In terms of non -litigation, the full legal monitoring and management of construction projects is good at construction and management of infrastructure project projects; commercial real estate development, investment promotion and operation.

Internet field: good at Internet personal privacy protection and data security. It has been drafted for the Ali Tmall Good House Channel to prepare a complete set of non -litigation operation documents. Wait for full legal services.

Criminal legal risk prevention and control: From the perspective of criminal legal risks, predicts predictive prevention and control of the main leaders of the enterprise and its legal representatives. I have a wealth of successful defense experience in the crime.

Classic Cases
  • Taiwan Liuhe Group's Songjiang Land Acquisition Project
  • Mining rights project of Section 15 of a Light Source Group Co., Ltd.
  • Optimization of the asset structure of an enterprise of a (Jiangsu) International Group
  • A certain Internet company goes to sea full legal service
  • Notarization and mandatory enforcement disputes between Sichuan Trust Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Datong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
  • Construction contract dispute between a real estate development Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Construction Group Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. Construction Engineering Construction Contract Disputes
  • Contract disputes between a real estate agency in Henan and a real estate Co., Ltd. in Henan Greenland
  • Contract disputes such as Ningbo Moto Real Estate Brokers Co., Ltd. and a real estate Co., Ltd. in Hangzhou Bay New District, Ningbo
  • Tianmou Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch and Xiamen Logistics Co., Ltd. and other storage contract disputes
  • Tianmou Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch and Anhui Technology Co., Ltd. and other trading contract disputes
  • The need for the detention of the crime of producing and selling fake medicines for the crime of selling fake medicines to review and change the compulsory measures to obtain bail pending trial
  • Wang Moumou's crime of selling counterfeit registered trademarks will not be approved
  • A case of a case of illegal absorption of public deposits is sentenced to probation
  • The crime of changing the crime of bribery in Wang Mou was the crime of bribery in the unit
  • The case of the crime of the crime of a virtual VAT invoice in the supervision case was sentenced to imprisonment
Social positions and honors
  • Special Supervisor of the Procuratorate of Shanghai Hongkou District Procuratorate
  • Hongkou Democratic Entrepreneurs Association Legal Consultant
  • Member of the Standard and Development Committee of Shanghai Law Foundation
  • Deputy Minister of Exchange and Cooperation, Hongkou District, Shanghai Female Lawyer Association
  • Researcher Researcher, Senior Management Talent Training Center, Senior Management Talent Training Center of China Management Science Research Institute
  • Shanghai People's Congress Standing Committee Sichuan North Road Street People's Congress Working Committee Level Legislative Contact Point Information Collection Unit Contact People
  • Shanghai Dream Chengzhen Public Welfare Foundation "Dreams to become true volunteers", "2016-2020 Outstanding Volunteer"
Working Language

Chinese English