Gu Jiaping

Senior Partner

Location: Shanghai
Tel: 139 1686 9598
Fax: 021-62103539
Education Background

East China University of Political Science and Law (formerly East China University of Political Science and Law), Bachelor of Law

Work Experience
  • 2018-Present Senior Partner, Shanghai Zhong Hua Law Firm, Full-time Attorney
  • Senior partner of Shanghai Donghong Law Firm and Director of the firm in 2013.
  • Started practicing as a full-time lawyer in 1998 and has been formally licensed to practice for nearly twenty-five years.
  • Qualified as a national lawyer in 1997.
Areas of expertise

Mr. Gu specializes in civil disputes, commercial counseling, corporate business, criminal litigation, specifically in the areas of real estate, matrimonial and family matters, corporate commercial dispute resolution, civil and commercial enforcement, criminal defense of major cases and other difficult cases.

After graduating from the university, he entered the law firm directly into the practice of full-time lawyers, and has been practicing for nearly 20 years.
Mr. Gu has a team of professional lawyers, specializing in real estate sales, construction contracts, corporate business, contract law, debt collection, criminal litigation, etc. He is good at litigation and non-litigation project and program planning for equity, debt, contract defense and criminal defense, and has served as the permanent legal advisor of dozens of companies, and has been involved in the internal structure governance, labor relations, external business contract risk prevention and maintenance, etc. in the daily operation of enterprises. In the daily operation of enterprises involved in the internal structure of governance, labor relations, external business contracts to prevent risks and rights protection for enterprises to provide a variety of forms and programs of legal advisory services, for the safe operation of the consultant unit to advise, set rules and regulations, run to defend the rights, achieved very good economic and social benefits, so that enterprises to maximize the avoidance of business risks, on a standardized, legal operation track, won the trust of many consultants.

Criminal defense field, professional throughout the criminal litigation cases, successfully for the parties to obtain not guilty of non-prosecution, probation, bail pending trial and other case effect.

Gu lawyer so far independently handle all kinds of cases more than a thousand, it is in the long professional history through a large number of cases practice, to accumulate a fruitful legal practice experience, as well as a wealth of contacts, establish a very good practice reputation, effectively enhance the level of professional services, with a good ability to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties. My long-term practice experience has given me a deep professional attainment in risk avoidance in company and commercial market operation, debt maintenance and recovery litigation, marital and family dispute resolution, and difficult criminal defense.

Practice beliefs: integrity, pragmatism, perseverance, and dedication!

Classic Cases
  • Shenzhen Dingfa - Shanghai Jui Pai Investment Group M&A and Restructuring Fund Property Damage Lawsuit
  • Bai and Wang - Senior management labor dispute arbitration case of Ping An Health Internet Co.
  • State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Corporation Shanghai bases business project special non-litigation legal services case
  • Cheng Mou --- Shanghai Meitian Foodstuffs Co. Ltd. in the case of compensation for the demolition and relocation of commercial buildings in the Gubei site
  • Acting for Xu in the second trial of a property dispute after divorce and full reversal of the judgment
  • Represented Qiu in a lawsuit over the distribution of demolition benefits, and the plaintiff's side (the other side) had all of its claims rejected.
  • Successfully defended Wu for the crime of fraud (formerly the crime of false prosecution), which was not prosecuted by the Shanghai Jing'an District Procuratorate.
  • A major case in Guangdong Province: smuggling of solid waste involving 300,000 tons of goods
  • Defended Yang, who was suspected of molesting a young girl, against prosecution and was released after 36 days of detention.
  • Obtained a suspended sentence of three to five years for Du, who was suspected of forging invoices and engraving official seals (two charges).