CPC Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm Branch Committee Member in the third quarter

Release Time:2019.07.25 Author: WIN ZONE Lawyer

On July 20, 2019, the third quarter Party Member Conference of the Branch Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm was successfully held. Jin Heshan, Party secretary, presided over the meeting and all Party members attended the meeting.

Comrade Kim Hak-san made a briefing on the Party building work in the third quarter and the existing problems, and issued the Party building work plan for the fourth quarter of the branch.

Comrade Liu Chao, member of the branch organization, took the opportunity of paying respects to the Memorial Hall of the Yanggensi Martyrs to carry on the Party lesson education discussion o f “not forgetting history, remembering the martyrs”. Everyone expressed their own perception of “the deeds of the Yanggensi martyrs”. Among them, lawyer Zou Ning mentioned: Through the study of martyr Yang Gensi’s deeds, I know that we Communists should have some believe, some believe not, believe in the party’s loyalty and the cause of the Communist faith, not believe in the task that can not be completed, do not believe that there are difficulties that cannot be overcome, do not believe that there is an enemy that cannot be defeated. It is because of this belief and unbelief that the glory of Yang Gensi martyr’s life has been achieved. As we live in a time of peace, we will never forget the revolutionary martyrs. In this era filled with all kinds of information, it is particularly valuable to believe something or not.

Kim Hak-shan secretary added: believe it or not believe it is very good, but only the letter is not enough, we don’t forget that Yang Gensi martyr and excellent technical skills, he is the army of the king of blasting, is a technical expert, will innovate in the battle has repeatedly won the war. We should not only learn the spirit of Yang Gensi martyrs, but also learn his innovative work hard. In combination with ourselves, we should not only develop outstanding professional ability, but also have loyalty and faith in the Party. Only in this way can we do our work without disadvantage and without defeat.

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