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Who gave us the space for us, who gave us the platform, who became our strong backing, who gave us the motivation to move forward, and let us go forward. Administrative Office of the Office

You are a stream, and you are galloping into the river. You are spring rain and quietly moisturize the earth.
You are a big ship, and you are invincible. You are the banner and lead the team to quickly attack.

There are no tears when I have a difficult time, I cry when I celebrate
Facing the challenge, the staff in the office never fear
Facing the pressure, the staff in the office stands upright
Integrity and pragmatic, is a colorful pen to depict dreams
The courage to act is the foundation of standing firmly
Bobo is the driving force for development
Pursuing excellence is the prerequisite for achieving progress

Administrative youth is responsible
I am willing to use my own hard work to dedicate your future for your future. I am willing to use my sweat to contribute to your development
Administrative youth has a dream
To realize your dreams, please walk here. The common dream is cultivated here. It is a steed, galloping grassland as far as a thousand miles, is an eagle, soaring the blue sky is fighting
Flowers bloom in the spring and go to autumn, leave the incense all the way
The tide of losses in the full moon is rising, and it will create a glory again
Opportunities and challenges coexist, look forward to and dream of taking off
Administrative youth, we use hot youth to build Xu Sheng’s hot future

— The Administrative Office of Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm announced

Diligent and practical, do your job well, and serve the law firm

The administrative office of Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm was founded since the establishment of the Law Firm in 1994. In 2014, the Carestan Haizhong Institute and the Shanghai Zhonghua Institute were renamed again and renamed Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm. After more than 20 years of practical work, this administrative office currently serves more than 120 lawyers from Zhonghua Law Firm. From the aspects of personnel, finance, and logistics, the team of lawyers completes the business smoothly and efficiently to solve them administrative administrative in administrative administration. Later worries. A total of 6 members of the administrative department of Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm.
Over the years, all the administrative staff of the firm have based on their own positions, diligent study, hard work, improvement of skills, and high -quality services. Through publicity and education, vocational skills training, etc., participate in the first -class work, first -class service, and harmonious team as the main materials as the main materials. The “Workers’ Pioneer” activity has made due contributions to further establishing the image of the office, promoting scientific development, and building a harmonious civilization. Under the strong support and careful guidance of the firm’s leadership, through the various efforts of the administrative department, the cooperation of the lawyers and assistants in combination with the cooperation of the lawyers and assistants jointly created the united, harmonious and positive cultural atmosphere of the office.
Through the work guarantee of the administrative office, the firm has won the honor of Shanghai’s civilized units, advanced collectives, and municipal key tax sources. This is also the recognition and affirmation of our daily work.
Learn a strong country, cooperate with party affairs, serve party building

The party branch of the Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm has paid great attention to political learning since the beginning of the establishment. The party branch quickly established the party branch as the core, forming the core position of the party’s political core, and played the role of party members’ pioneer model to ensure that affairs Develop in the right direction. In order to strengthen political learning, understand the country and social dynamics, improve the ideological understanding of administrative staff, lawyers and partners, adapt to the social situation, and promote business development. Through political study, everyone has deep confidence in the trend of national development, and is also very confident in the development of legal undertakings. Everyone has a consistent awareness of prospects, unified ideology, and laid a solid foundation for the development direction of law firms and business development.

In order to ensure the smooth development of the work of the party branch, the administrative office has also actively responded to the application of the organization. Since 2014, the office has prepared a number of democratic life meetings and party affairs learning and other conferences of the party. With the efforts of the administrative department and the colleagues of the party members and lawyers, the office was rated as the only party branch of the party organization of the Shanghai five -star social organization, the National Advanced Party Organization of the National Lawyer Industry, the Photo Model Unit of the Patriotic Military Army in Hongkou District, and the Pioneer Party Organization, Hongkou District Party Branch Construction Demonstration sites and other honors.

Polite service, highlight the image of the window, serve customers

The administrative department of the firm is the department of serving lawyers and customers, and a microcosm of the spiritual appearance and industry style of the office. People -oriented and highlighting services are the basic requirements of “polite units”. In order to ensure that each party is treated fairly and comfortably, the office will organize training and learning every year to achieve a better working environment and improve the cultural skills and quality of employees. Etiquette specifications and dressing specifications to improve service levels.

Do not forget public welfare, participate in harmonious construction, and serve the people

The administrative office actively organizes lawyers to participate in legal aid activities, arrange duty time for lawyers, participate in community legal obligations, and provide high -quality legal services for special groups of legal services. Each year, the department arranges more than 30 senior lawyers of the office to arrange a day legal consulting service for residents on the streets of Sichuan North Road Street; insist on dating the lawyers of the Hongkou Court for one month to help people go to the court to solve legal issues; Arrange the legal hotline consulting services to participate in 12348, and do their best to the people. This year, as a municipal civilized unit, the firm actively participated in the various items organized by the Civilization Office to serve the people. Executive staff mobilized colleagues to actively sign up for the road traffic civilization on duty, arrange personnel on duty, persuaded various uncivilized behaviors on the road, and achieved good social benefits and traffic safety publicity results.
In the future, we must continue to do a good job of business skills training, continue to carry out various effective competition activities, and improve business quality. Take the opportunity to establish the “Workers Pioneer” activity, innovate work ideas, promote the improvement of the overall quality of the team, effectively enhance the sense of responsibility, innovation awareness, competition awareness and team consciousness, strengthen the work of grassroots teams, give full play to the working class The role of the main force brings everyone’s high -quality enthusiasm and a beautiful office environment, polite service, improves the spiritual and cultural quality of the team, and shapes and establish a good industry image.

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