Winter public welfare warms people’s hearts, love and sail just at the time

Release Time:2017.01.03 Author: WIN ZONE Lawyer

On December 26, 2016, the 2016 meeting ceremony of the Shanghai Dream Chengzheng Public Welfare Foundation was held in the small auditorium of Shanghai Jinjiang Hotel. The Shanghai Dream Chengzhen Public Welfare Foundation was established by the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau on January 18, 2016. It is a public welfare organization that is based on the members of the China Democratic Promotion Association and focused on the enthusiastic public welfare person. Since the establishment of the Foundation for a year, more than 20 public welfare projects have been implemented. The areas involved are education, culture, sports, science and technology, medical care, and talent innovation, and have achieved remarkable social attention.

Hu Wei, deputy chairman of the Democratic Progressive Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Huang Shanming, full -time deputy chairman and secretary -general of the Democratic Progressive Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, Victoria, Chairman of the CPPCC of Shanghai Hongkou District CPPCC, Zhang Qiang, deputy chairman of the Shanghai Society Bureau, Jia Yong Former Deputy Director Shan Jie, Tang Weilin, Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department of Putuo District, Zhang Erdong, senior partner of Shanghai Zhonghua Law Affairs, Xie Jing, lawyer Xie Jing, and members of the Shanghai Dream Capital Foundation and enthusiastic public welfare people attended the annual meeting ceremony Essence

Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm was awarded the “Dream of Dreams to become true partners”. Lawyer Zhang Erdong of Zhonghua Law Firm was awarded the “Dream of Public Welfare” and Lawyer Xie Jing was awarded “the star of dreams to become true volunteers”.

At the end of the party, “Dream becomes a true night, the 2016 meeting of the Shanghai Dream of the Public Welfare Foundation”, under the command of Zhang Lijun, chief sign language translation of SMG, the participants in the audience sing “The Wings of Dreams” and use sign language to say it. Dreams come true! The feast will end the curtain, and our legal public welfare cause has raised the sails that move forward in this warm afternoon …

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