Hongkou District Justice Bureau held a “Never forget the original intention, remember the mission,

Release Time:2019.11.15 Author: WIN ZONE Lawyer

On November 12, 2019, the Party Committee of the Justice Bureau of Hongkou District held the “Stay true to your original Aspiration, Remember your Mission, and Be Judicial Administrators in the New Era” theme education and learning achievements exhibition and exchange Conference in the District Public Legal Service Center, and commended 8 grassroots Party organizations and 12 Party members who had made outstanding performances in the activity of “Building New Achievements in Posts and Seeing Members in Action”. The Party branch of Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm was honored as “Vanguard Party Organization”. At the same time, Comrade Liu Chao, member of the organization, was awarded the honorary title of pioneer Party Member of the “Post New Achievements, Party Members See Action” campaign.

In order to carry out party member commitment, bright promise, keep commitment, strive for party member vanguard, Party member demonstration post, continue to deepen the “Bo vanguard action” “post to build new achievements, Party members see action” activities, etc., guide the grass-roots party organizations to perform their duties and create advanced, the majority of Party members based on the position when the vanguard, to ensure that the vanguard action is full of vitality, popular support. In this activity, our branch requires all Party members’ lawyers to be pioneers based on their positions, and has set up a social public legal service team with the backbone of Party members’ lawyers to provide legal advice, legal lectures and other public legal services to various departments of Sichuan North Road Street, the judicial office, the 21 neighborhood committees under its jurisdiction, the Armed Police Force, the District Federation of Trade Unions and so on. We provide professional legal advice for residents and enterprises to solve various legal problems, which is well received by the surrounding people and district leaders. We practice our original aspiration and mission with practical actions.

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