Legal Notices

Article 1   Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm and the ownership and operation of the various services provided by it belong to the Shanghai Zhonghua Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as the Institute). The condition for users to visit and use the website of Zhonghua Law Firm is that users must accept the statement of duty. Once the user uses, it indicates that this statement is agreed. If the user does not agree to comply with all the terms of this statement, please do not access or use this website.
Article 2   The website of the Institute has the right to modify the exemption statement at any time without notice in advance. Once this statement changes, the website will prompt the content on the relevant page. If the user does not agree with the modification of this statement, you can give up or visit this website. If the user chooses to continue using this website after the modification of this statement, it is deemed to be a modification of the exemption statement.
Article 3   This website is a service platform providing users with legal consultation, legal theory and practical research, and is not responsible for any content uploaded by users.
Article 4   This ownership enhanced or strengthened any new functions of the current service, including increasing or decreased legal service items, column sections and sub -directory, and this statement is unconditional.
Article 5   This website does not guarantee that the services provided will meet the user's requirements, nor will it not guarantee that the service will not be interrupted, and no guarantee for the timeliness, security and accuracy of the service.
Article 6   All materials on this website are just introduced, mainly because users have more understanding of the situation and experience of the institute's business and lawyers. This website introduces the scope of business, business expertise, focus, and lawyers' expertise of this institute. Location is not used to compare with other lawyers or law firms.
Article 7   The information that the user receives and uses is except for the special written agreement with the lawyers of the institute or the institute.  
(1) Do not exist when there is a contract relationship with the lawyers of the institute or the institute, and it is not established or constituted with a contract relationship with the lawyers of the institute or the institute;
(2) Not to convey legal suggestions, nor does it constitute legal suggestions;
(3) The legal advice of qualified lawyers cannot be used. At the same time, before consulting the lawyer's opinions on specific matters, it should not be compared according to any column information.
Article 8   without written consent in writing, users shall not link the material to another website. After other links or adequate adjustments permitted by this, users must include this exemptional statement, or to make a linked link with a non -liability statement or using a web page. Once the link is required to stop the link or propose adjustment immediately, the user must terminate immediately in accordance with the requirements of this website.
Article 9   When a user accesss this website, the system will automatically collect the user's use of the access time, continuation time, the type of the browser, the use of operating system/platform, IP address, website links, CPU, and CPU General information such as speed. We will record the mode and click stream of the user's communication with the website to master the user's use of the website and the trust of the website in order to improve the website.
Article 10   The information provided by this website is provided according to the status quo. Whether it is the adaptability, reliability, applicability, adaptability, non -infringeability, results, ending, or any other matters, no nature is made. Statement or guarantee.
Article 11   All written or other materials on this website (including but not limited to images, design, icons, photos, video editing, software) are protected by copyright law. Users can download and read the materials on this website, but they must be temporarily used for individuals, not for business purposes. Without the written permission of this, no part of these materials can be copied, replicated, stored, reused, uploaded, pasted, transmitted, or distributed.
Article 12   related business and other instructions on this website, including lawyers 'resumes, may include us to successfully represent customers' experience, strategies and achievements in the business of transactions or defense procedures. The result of the described depends on the facts and other variable factors of the specific matters, and the institute has no intention to guarantee or predict that it will be successful when dealing with transactions. Therefore, the handling of a transaction does not necessarily show the processing results of other transactions, nor is it similar to the processing results of other transactions. Please choose to choose by themselves.
Article 13   Users must comply with applicable laws and regulations using this website. All responsibilities caused by the user's illegal use of this website shall be borne by the user.
Article 14   Users must not use this website to send or spread all illegal information prohibited by laws and regulations. Do not engage in the following behavior:
(1) Use this website to engage in illegal activities;
(2) Use this website to perform adverse effects on the normal operation of the Internet;
(3) Use this website to transmit harassment, to hurt others, abusive, intimidating, vulgar or any other illegal information;
(4) Use this website to perform behaviors that are not conducive to social stability and solidarity;
(5) Use non -correct means to delete, modify or increase the functions of this website's functions as well as storage and transmission data and applications;
(6) Use this website for product service sales or other commercial behaviors, and use this website as a venue, platform or any other form of commercial activities;
(7) Destructive procedures such as deliberate production and transmission of computer virus;
(8) Use any illegal means such as testing, deception, steal the account of other users or harass others;
(9) Forge the title or control the identification data in other ways, making people mistakenly believe that the content is transmitted by Guida Lawyer Network;
(10) The content of the content that has no right to transmit (such as internal data, business secrets, intellectual property rights or other exclusive rights that violates others) is added, posted or transmitted in other ways;
(11) Interference or destroy the services and networks connected to this website service;
(12) Acting in other hazards of computer information network security.
Article 15   users need to bear complete legal responsibility for their behavior during the service of this website. If the user's behavior is found to be violated with relevant laws and regulations, the website can prohibit relevant users from accessing this website at any time and have the right to delete relevant content.
Article 16   The website of the Institute does not bear any compensation for any third party due to the use of this website service or based on the information of this website. At the same time, users should compensate for the damage of the institute or third party.
Article 17   The institute's website respects and protects the personal privacy of the user. The website will not openly, edit or transmit the following user information without user authorization:
(1) User's registration information;
(2) Personal information obtained from legal service objects through legal channels.

November 2017