[The starry sky] I have never forgotten the starry sky above my head and the rule of law of faith

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“Nothing in this world can grow old but faith, always young, faith, a river, a sail that carries dreams, faith, a mountain that inspires people to climb mountains.”

—— Title

Chapter 01 “Laws without faith will degenerate into rigid dogmas”

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Lawyer Xie Jing

What is law? In the eyes of most people, it is a lively civil code, a cold law, or a concrete court trial. I think that the law is more a belief for me. After the passage of time, I still remember the thrill of getting a lawyer’s certificate eight years ago. I will still be full of tears and passion.

“Laws without faith will degenerate into rigid dogmas”. I always believe that a person’s unyielding perseverance will move people and change many things. One has to believe something in his life. Daily complicated work, difficulties and frustrations encountered in handling cases, and helplessness and powerlessness after frustration are like quicksand. Love and interest will slip away quietly in the “vortex”. Only those who have faith have the courage to stand in the center of the whirlpool. Only those who always have a sense of mission can become people who work and study in the “whirlpool center”, and even actively drive people around to continue to participate in the legal industry. ”

Chapter 02 “The person who digs a well starts from a three inch ridge, so that he can reach ten thousand feet deep.”.

“The person who digs a well starts from a three inch ridge, so that he can reach ten thousand feet deep.”. Solid legal professionalism is the basis for becoming a lawyer. Only by continuously absorbing legal knowledge can professional knowledge become the energy of youth. However, professional knowledge is not enough. The level of legal service is based on professional quality, and more importantly, it matches the needs of the parties. The ability to solve problems is the most important.

Listening is a kind of accomplishment. At the beginning of my practice, I believed that the world was black and white, and litigation was the most efficient way to resolve disputes. After a long time, I found that litigation is never the only way to solve problems, and even in some cases, it is not the best way. Only by learning to listen to the real demands of the parties, can we stand in the customer’s perspective and help them to dispel the fog in front of them, and then use professional knowledge to mediate, give effective suggestions and plans for travel, and promote a handshake without litigation, which is also a way to resolve disputes.

Evidence and rules are the power of seeking truth. The process of handling litigation cases is not judgment, but understanding; It is not a transformation, but a demonstration. Only by breaking the preliminary concept of the statement and formation of the parties, allowing themselves to sink into the evidence, and stripping away the facts bit by bit like a bamboo shoot under the rules, can the true face of the facts be revealed bit by bit. Take the evidence to speak, trace up from the end of the logic chain one link at a time, let it bite itself, and slowly pull out the giant from the land. This is the power of logic and rules, which is the power of law to seek truth.

In this world, there is no absolute objectivity, but the evidence and procedures under the rules can make us closer to objectivity. There is no absolute truth in this world, but through the thorough collision and full game between the views and facts of both sides, we can keep approaching the original appearance of truth. Only by relying on rules can both sides approach justice infinitely. Lawyers are an indispensable link in the process of both parties’ game and justice.

Chapter 03 “Infinite distance and countless people are all related to me.”

Lawyers’ bounden duty is to provide professional legal services and solve problems for clients. But if you just stay on “solving problems” without “concern for people”, you will not become a good lawyer.

Lu Xun once said when expressing his life feeling of recovering from a serious illness, “Infinite distance and countless people are all related to me.” I use this sentence to remind the young themselves that every day after becoming a lawyer, we should have broad mind and universal compassion, care for others, and care about social and public affairs.

From 2016 to now, as a volunteer, I have provided free and compulsory legal services for the “Shanghai Dream Becomes True Public Welfare Foundation” for seven consecutive years. Since the beginning of my practice, I have always insisted on participating in the public welfare legal services on duty at the judicial window of Sichuan North Road Street, Hongkou District, Shanghai, to provide timely and free legal advice to vulnerable groups with legal professionalism.

I used to think that others were others and I was myself, but whenever I provided public service, I always felt that there was no difference between people and me. Like me, “she” was deeply embedded in the world. If no one helped, everyone might be helpless; If someone helps, the power of public welfare will pass on the warmth, penetrate it, and then blossom.

I think I have never forgotten the starry sky above my head and the rule of law of faith.

Zhonghua Starry Sky

There are many shining stars in the starry sky of Zhonghua. She/they are professional, serious, sharp, humorous, funny, cute, mature and wise, and in their prime.

She/They are the soul and stars of Zhonghua.

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