Notice on Matters Related to Collection of Membership Fees of Shanghai Lawyers Association in 2022

Release Time:2022.11.13 Author: WIN ZONE Lawyer

In accordance with the Articles of Association of Shanghai Lawyers Association, the Rules for Collection of Membership Fees of Shanghai Lawyers Association, the Plan of Shanghai Lawyers Association on Adjusting the Standard for Collection of Individual Membership Fees adopted at the second meeting of the 9th Lawyers Congress in 2012, and the Plan of Shanghai Lawyers Association on Adjusting the Standard for Collection of Individual Membership Fees adopted at the fourth meeting of the 11th Lawyers Congress in 2022, The relevant matters concerning the collection of membership dues in 2022 are hereby notified as follows:

1、 Group membership fee

1. For the collection standard and specific collection amount of group membership fees in 2022, see the attachment “Comparison Table of Collection Amount of Group Membership Fees of Law Firms in 2022”;

2. The time of establishment shall be subject to the administrative license issued by the Shanghai Judicial Bureau, and the law firm renamed and merged shall not be included in the scope of establishment of the new firm.

2、 Individual membership fee

Free of individual membership fee in 2022

3、 Time and Method of Payment of Membership Fees

From November 1, 2022 to November 30, 2022, all law firms will pay by transfer (including online banking). Please note the amount of group membership fee.

Account No.: Shanghai Lawyers Association

Fumin Sub branch of Bank of Shanghai

000 030 135 50

4、 Precautions

1. After logging into the “Member Center” on Dongfang Lawyers’ Website, the law firm can click the “Membership Fees in 2022” column of the menu to display the group membership fees, and the firm will pay according to the “total” amount in the form;

2.The membership fee receipt will be sent by EMS after December 15. Please check it; (If the address of the law firm changes, please update it on the member system in time)

3. Friendly reminder: During the payment of membership dues, the number of telephone inquiries will increase significantly. It is suggested that if you encounter problems, please contact us by email or fax and leave your contact information. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Same technology: 4000529602

Contact number of members: 64030000-128

Fax: 64185837

mail box:

Financial contact number: 64030000-124

Fax: 64185837

mail box:

Shanghai Lawyers Association

November 3, 2022

*Attachment list (click to download)

Appendix: 2022 Comparison Table of Group Membership Fees Collection Amount of Law Firms

Transferred from Dongfang Lawyer Network

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