Love life and be loyal to yourself

Release Time:2022.11.15 Author: WIN ZONE Lawyer

Different from peers who were born in a family of law experts and aspired to be engaged in the legal profession when they were young, I am actually a person who “doesn’t match” with the legal profession. For example, I don’t like to write argumentative papers with strict logic, but I only like to write essays where I want to write; I don’t like to socialize with others actively, and teachers’ comments from childhood to adulthood are all evaluated as “introverted”; I don’t like formal clothes. My wardrobe is full of T-shirts and jeans… The beginning of my subtle intersection with the law major may be my obsession with detective stories and various criminal investigation documentaries. My obsession with Korean dramas related to lawyers in senior high school has become the main reason why I took law as my first aspiration for the college entrance examination.

However, with the accumulation of internship experience and work experience, I found that the legal knowledge and legal practice I learned in school can be said to be very different, not to mention the difference between the actual work of lawyers and the content displayed after the artistic processing of films and TV plays.

In fact, the vast majority of lawyers’ work is trivial, and the generation of an effective litigation idea often requires a thorough knowledge of case materials and rich litigation practice experience. As a young lawyer who has not been practising for a long time, every case I come across is full of novelty and challenge, and I have questioned myself more than once.

The process of growing up is always not easy, but when I found that I could give professional answers to all the legal problems encountered by my relatives and friends around me, I gradually became motivated to continue.

A friend asked me before, “I often feel angry and powerless when I read some of the hot microblog searches. How do you adjust your mind after receiving negative energy in your work?”

After work, I am interested in going to the theater to watch plays and writing books. These two things can calm my mind and take away my negative emotions.

Sitting in the theater for a few hours without caring about mobile phone information allows me to briefly forget the pressure of work and life and enter the world of the protagonist in the play.

I am keen to record my life in my notebook and plan my work and life schedule. As of this year, I have kept a diary for six years. It is very interesting to compare my life state on the same day every year.

I am also very happy to collect small materials in my life, which may be funny photos with my friends, or packaging paper with a sense of design harvested when ordering takeout. My friends all jokingly call this kind of behavior “picking up waste”. I can take home all the things that they seem useless and paste them in my hand account book.

I think even if I am a “scavenger”, I should also be a “scavenger” who collects details of a better life.

“There is only one kind of heroism in the world:

It is to look at the world as it is – and love it. ”

After so much wordiness, I still want to say that we would like to be loyal to ourselves, love life and shine in addition to busy work every day.

Zhonghua Starry Sky

There are many shining stars in the starry sky of Zhonghua. She/they are professional, serious, sharp, humorous, funny, cute, mature and wise, and in their prime. She/They are the soul and stars of Zhonghua.

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